What We Do


The key to our success is the combination of our aquatic systems designs and technologies. The designs of SwimPond Landscape Design have been pioneered in Europe and installed in countless locations from individual residences, resorts and hotels to the largest of commercial projects since 1993.

Aquatic System Design

A swimpond operates according to the latest ecological principles and uses the biological cleaning power of natural waters. Our swimponds are basically divided into two areas – the usage area (swimming zone, 1.8m / 6ft – 5m / 15ft deep) and the treatment or regeneration area (filter zone, 0.30m / 1ft – 0.60m / 2ft deep). These areas can be also in two separate ponds which guarantees optimal water purification.

The swimming zone includes all water areas that can be accessed by people for swimming, playing and fun. Additional features like a waterfall, underwater cliff or an underwater cave can be added to any swimpond as a unique feature. The swimming zone can be designed very traditionally with our unique and exclusive turquoise liner or a more rugged yet beautiful natural mountain lake design.

The filter zone is actually an aquatic garden or garden pond which provides excellent functionality, looks beautiful and colorful and includes all areas that are used for water treatment. This area is not open for human activity: “Mother Nature” works here changing used pond water into crystal clear water. The aquatic garden filter zone is a planted “overflow filter” and is the centerpiece of every swimpond system. It consists of a biological filter substrate, over which there is a free water column of at least 30-60 cm (1-2ft) which is planted with special native water and marsh plants. Water flows through the pool in open waterfalls and is circulated back from the deepest point to the inflow points using pumps, creating a closed water circuit.

All of our aquatic swimpond solutions are closed aqua systems; a high quality liner in an exclusive turquoise color and barrier is constructed below the waterbed to keep the system pure and free from any outside influences such as chemicals, toxins or other material carried in ground water that may transfer these unwanted elements from agriculture, golf courses or gardening.

Sustainable Eco-Technologies

Our proprietary filtration eliminates micro-organisms that settle in the vast inner surface of the biological filter gravel, and plants help to remove the incorporated nutrients and use them for their own growth. Several filtration concepts remove fine sediment particles from the water, easing pressure on the biological filter substrate. Specially developed skimmers and overflow rims that are set into the edges of the swimming pool remove surface dirt, foliage, leaves, pollen and sun tan lotions. In this way, external elements brought into the pool are eliminated. A specially-designed PO4 filter is removing phosphate through a natural process to avoid and limit algae growth in the entire pond system as well sediments in streams and waterfall.

In addition to the fun factor, our swimponds can be used as an energy source to operate a heat pump for heating and cooling your home all year around. In winter time, the swimpond provides a constant water temperature to operate the heat pump very efficiently and in summer we cool your home and heat the pond at the same time…a WIN-WIN situation. The combination of both concepts – swimpond and heat pump – offers a green sustainable comprehensive strategy which is saving money and creating additional benefits in one step and one investment.

All pumps, valves, and necessary equipment used are hidden centrally and require very low maintenance.