Residential Swimpond

Swimponds enhance the look, enjoyment and value of any residence. Each swimpond is custom-designed to enhance your property and lifestyle based on your specific needs – from traditional pool design or a natural mountain lake design – our approach is to take maximum advantage of land use.

A typical design will include a swimming area, a filtration area and a connecting stream with waterfalls, bridges and walkways. Our swimponds, natural swimming pools and water features are designed and constructed utilizing the latest environmental technologies from Europe to provide unparalleled beauty and esthetics for your setting and offer the pleasure of swimming in pure and clean water.

Our residential projects include single residences, a swimpond for a number of residences on a shared basis or multi-storied complexes. In every situation, the value of the property is significantly enhanced.

Swimpond – An Ecological Experience

On the surface our swimpond looks like a natural garden pond but they are specifically designed so you can swim in clean, pure water with absolutely no chemicals. A swimpond actually consists of two zones – a deep, central swimming area, and a shallower surrounding area with plants which are specially chosen to purify the water.

A traditional swimming pool uses chemicals such as chlorine to kill bacteria whereas a swimpond cleanses the water naturally. It uses the natural purifying properties of plants and our patented filter technology to provide natural, chemical-free and crystal-clear water.

  • Unique designs, customized for your setting in any size and shape – can include waterfalls, streams and other features
  • Designs can be anywhere from a traditional swimming pool design (using our unique liner which would be fully visible) to a natural mountain lake design (or a mix of both)
  • Our proprietary environmental designs and technologies emulate nature and are biologically stable and do not use chemicals of any kind
  • The result is clear, clean and pure water
  • Contributes to a sustainable environment and planet
  • Low maintenance, energy use and overall operating costs
  • Excellent return on investment compared to traditional swimming pools
  • Combines the beauty of nature with the pleasure of swimming for maximum enjoyment in harmony with environment

If you can dream it, we can create it!