Pool to Pond

If you have an existing chlorinated pool, we can transform it into your own beautiful, natural swimpond.

A chlorinated swimming pool is expensive to heat, has high maintenance costs, uses harmful chemicals and is only usable for part of the year. A conversion to a swimpond not only eliminates these matters but also encourages plant growth and wildlife without compromising your lifestyle – we call it a lifestyle in harmony with water and nature. Your swimpond is a year-round feature which also can be used for heating your home, cooling your home or skating in the winter time. Swimpond owners are nature enthusiasts and enjoy all the benefits that a swimpond offers them.

All insects and pond life find a balance so there is no need to fear infestations of mosquitoes or an invasion of frogs – any small creatures that do exist live in the plant zone while you relax in your own swimming zone. Once you swim in your natural swimpond with clean, clear smooth chemical-free water, you will never want to swim in a conventional pool again. Our ponds are warmer than conventional swimming pools without heating because our regeneration zone acts like a solar panel.

ptp2 ptp1Depending on space and location, we can create additional regeneration zones around your swimming pool or convert certain areas of the existing pool into those regeneration areas. Combined with our proprietary natural filtration system, we can create a low-maintenance backyard feature which will leave your neighbours envious.

We look forward to discussing any ideas or plans you may have to convert your swimming pool into a natural paradise.