Commercial Lake Communities

A swimpond or lake can be the focus of a community enhancing values by adding natural beauty and providing recreation.

A swimpond can be shared by a few homes or a larger lake can be shared by the community. Our swimponds and lakes have no restrictions in either shape or size. They can range from a quarter of an acre to more than 10 acres (4 hectares) or even more. Their shape can be a simple circle or oval, or can have as many inlets and bays as the designer desires.

We offer many proven site plans that have been pioneered in European lake communities and we can build for single-family homes, multi-family, townhomes or apartment complexes. We can also integrate a swimpond into an existing residential area (see first illustration). In this example, four homeowners jointly own the pond. The second illustration shows a community pond.

Layout examples

swimpond commercialcom2
All of our ponds are constructed with swimpond liner design/technology so the water system is closed. There is no connection with groundwater, thus no risk of animal waste or other local area-generated toxins, pesticides or manure entering the swimpond or lake from farms, gardens or golf courses.
Our swimponds become four-season playgrounds and create a new lifestyle as well as a new residential concept. They are a blooming adventure in spring and a place for water fun for kids and adults in summer. In autumn the natural experience changes its colors and its patterns while winter brings skating and hockey. European swimpond owners also use them as wellness areas where they cool down with a plunge after a sauna session.

The lakes are usually private, which means the homeowners around the water or the Hotel/Resort own it and there is no public access. This type of setting guarantees secure, peaceful and private use. Ponds also allow children to explore a chemical-free environment, to live in harmony with nature and to learn about ecology.

Swimponds have the optional, but valuable, ability to be used for fire prevention and fire fighting: we can build ponds with an intake valve connected to a hydrant so firefighters can use pond water for fire-fighting.

Experience has proven that swimponds add value to property. Lots which front a swimpond are exclusive and sell for more, just as lakeshore and ocean front properties carry a significant premium.