About Us

SwimPond Landscape Design Incorporated was founded by health and nature enthusiast, Markus Winkler, who has European experience creating natural swimponds and natural swimming pools.

Since 1987, Markus has been involved in the hi-tech industry pioneering new technologies as well as being involved with several wellness initiatives. Today he combines his technology skills with his love for wellness and nature by offering natural swimponds to North America.

Markus has had a lifelong interest in wellness and in aquatic life systems and discovered that the concept of swimponds was almost unknown in North America. He is enthusiastic about bringing his swimpond knowledge and experience from Germany and Austria to North America.

With ancestral roots in Austria, Markus was born in Munich, Germany and now resides in Kelowna, B.C., Canada where SwimPond Landscape Design Incorporated is headquartered with operations also in Vancouver, B.C.

SwimPond Partner Network

Our expert network based in Germany and Austria have been designing and building swimponds, garden ponds and water features in Europe since 1993 and are considered innovative leaders of swimponds in Europe.

SwimPond Landscape Design’s expert network provides access to the latest research and technology in natural swimponds and swimming pools, which are currently exclusive to German-speaking countries. Recently we developed leading-edge technology for filtering and cleaning pool water based on Mother Nature’s perfect formula.

SwimPond Landscape Design believes that design and construction for the 21st century is about creatively blending the best of the old and the new. In our partnership with our expert network, we combine leading edge, proprietary technology and the latest environmental knowledge, with a respect for traditional and contemporary natural swimpond and swimming pool designs.